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Updated 5 January 2017


In order to welcome you in the best conditions, we would like to remind you of the rules all our guests must follow.

Befor leaving the cottage, our guests have to clean it properly, whatever the length of their stay.

The household linen provided for you and that has been used (sheets, towels, handtowels or other) must be put in the bathtub without folding it.

If you have used the fireplace, the owner will clean it, because he can use the ashes for his garden.

In order to welcome the next guests, we have to check and sometimes redo the cleaning competely ( in this case, a set price of 60 Euros will be deducted from your deposit, and even more, if damages are noticed).

Please find below some points our guests consider as very important and on which we want them to be fully satisfied.


CAR PARK: Our car park is large and very convenient but in order to park a large number of vehicles, you should park your cars beginning at the end and at an angle to the kerb, the front of your car towards the hedge.

LIGHTING: Near the door of the building on the car park there are two push-buttons to light the site (time switch).

GARAGE: If you wish, we can provide a locked garage free of charge.

ANNEX 1: In the first compartment you will find some garden furniture that you can use if the weather conditions allow it and some outdoor games. The lighting is operated manually.

ANNEX 2: A lean-to next to the house leads to

  1. A fridge and a private room for the owner’s use only.
  2. An open fridge where you can store your food. To help you out, there are also some drinks that you may use . The price list and the cashbox are on the same fridge.
  3. Some heating logs in case you use more than the provided logs under the fireplace. ( batch of 15 logs = 15 Euros). The lighting of this shed is automatic.

TERRASSE AND GARDEN: The whole lawn is reserved for the upper part of the cottage. The terrasse located downstairs is reserved for potential guests of the studio flat.

FISH POND: The pond is very well secured but we advise you to keep an eye on your children. In any case, safety is under your full responsibility. Every day, the fish (koi carps, gold fish) must be fed only with the provided food. This job is quite pleasant and to make the pleasure last, we advise children to spread out the daily quantity throughout the day. Please note that during the cold season ( roughly from November to March, the fish will hibernate and not eat).

WATER: The outdoor taps and the toilet flushes are supplied with rain water which is not drinkable.

FIELD NEXT TO THE PROPERTY: it is not part of the cottage.


DOOR: The entrance door is located in a recess in the middle of the cottage. A key (or several keys on request) is provided, you will have to give it ( or them) back when you leave or you can put it in the letterbox of number 119.

LIVING ROOM LIGHTING: On entering the cottage, two switches (time switches) light the outside bulbs. There is also another switch for an ambiance bulb.

On entering the kitchen you will find the other switches for the living room and the kitchen.

FAN: Th switch with 3 positions can be found in the angle on the left of the door to the first toilet/ bathroom.

ALARM: The cottage has an alarm. It is rarely used but can be used on demand.

ELECTRIC SWITCHBOARD: All circuit-breakers are in the electric cupboard on the wall to the right of the cottage entrance.

HEATING: It is a central heating, the boiler, out of the reach of our guests, is in a cellar, all radiators are equipped with thermostatic taps. The thermostat must always be on 20°C.

INTERNET: When you signed the contract, you agreed to the rules for its use (Confidence chart INTERNET, cf terms of HADOPI law, see article 8)


Password: 119GITEmiracles

FIREPLACE WITH LOGS: You may use the fireplace, we are happy to provide you with some logs, if you need more, a batch of 15 logs will be charged 15 Euros

TELEVISION: All TNT programmes.

VIDEO PLAYER, VIDEO PROJECTOR, RADIO: All of them may be used. The projector is reserved for seminars.
LIVING ROOM: All furniture may be used, we can provide extra leaves for the table to welcome up to 12 people.

DOWNSTAIRS BATHROOM / GROUND FLOOR: On a little shelf, you will find a first aid kit.

KITCHEN A AND B: You will find all equipment in the kitchen itself and in its annex. You may use the plancha, but please respect all rules for the use of gas.

Cleanliness of the kitchen utensil and the crockery is very important to us and our guests. If you find that they are not as clean as they should, please let us know.

CLEANING PRODUCTS: Generally, a minimum of cleaning products as well as spices are provided. Usually, when our guests leave, they replace them if they have been used up. If upon arrival you cannot find them, please let us know.

UPSTAIRS BATHROOM AND VENTILATION: In the staircase you will find a switch » Ventilation/ hot water »( ventilation/ eau chaude); This switch sets on the hot water circuit for the bathroom and at the same time sets on a time switch for the VMC in the bathroom.


On the staircase the last three cupboards may be used.

DOWNSTAIRS: The first door opens up to the « studio ». You may enter it if you have rented it out at the same time as the cottage. Otherwise, this door will be locked from inside and potential guests have an independant door which opens up to the small lower terrasse which they will use eclusively.

WASHING MACHINE – IRON: Going down a few more steps, you will find a door on your right where we store the washing machine, an ironing board and an iron which you may use.

We would like to remind you to take care of the correct emptying of the machine and the water in the ironing tank.


  • Bathrooms: In every bathroom there is a bin with a plastic bag inside. PLEASE DO NOT THROW ANYTHING IN THE TOILET. When the bags are full, please put them in the brown container at the garden entrance .
  • Food waste: In the kitchen, a bin with a plastic bag must also be put in the brown container when full.
  • Paper and plastic recycling: Yellow bags are provided for this purpose. Please put them also at the garden entrance.
  • Glass: In the kitchen, a metallic case is provided for empty bottles.


  • Owner: Georges Macarez 06 86 55 01 96
  • Neighbour: Denis Morue 06 24 21 30 58
  • Heating engineer: Mr. Alain Buisson 06 87 10 67 46
  • Maintenance worker:( working hours) Mr. DidierAfflard 06 09 69 87 36
  • For all enquiries coming from foreign countries, please contact our correspondent Hildegard Savart on 00 33 6 70 48 20 18

or: hildegard.savart@gmail.com ( German, English, a little Spanish and Italian)

  • Tourist office: Address: 3 rue Emile Zola, 02 100 Saint Quentin

Opening hours: 09:00 – 12:00, 13:30 – 18:00

Phone: 03 23 67 05 00